The 150th Anniversary of the Aurora Fire Department, Aurora Illinois

We’re (still) “fired” up!

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Aurora Fire Department.

All trucks are back in quarters, the firefighters are resting up for the next “big one,” and the citizens of Aurora and surrounding communities are asking, “when are you gonna do it again?” While the AFD's 150th Anniversary Celebration is over, you are invited to relive the events (or see what you missed) by browsing through the hundreds of photographs documenting all the events.

Click on the links above to read more about the department's history, of see what happended during each day by following the calendar of events link , and read about some of the other special projects we sponsored to commemorate this anniversary.

We give a tip-of-our-helmet to all of our sponsors. Without their generious support this event would not have been nearly as successful.

...and in answer to the question, “When are we going to do it again?” we can only smile and say, fear not -- the Aurora Fire Department's 200th Anniversary is only 50 years away!

Should you have any further questions not covered on these pages, please call the Aurora Regional Fire Museum at (630) 892-1572 or e-mail:

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